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Add ability to clear all equipped gear while in Virtual Arsenal
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It's a little tedious to go through every category and click "Empty" to remove every piece of equipment from your character.

In short -- Requesting a "Clear" button that, when pressed, removes everything from the character.


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Virtual Arsenal is a tad bit user-hostile and inefficient without this feature.

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Although I agree with you, I have solved this issue easily. All you have to do is clear all your gear normally, and then save it as a preset. Then whenever you want to clear your character, just load that preset.

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They will not solve it, but here is my advice:
Remove bag(mouse right button click), vest and uniform at first. Most of stuff disappear together with these.

Clicking right mouse button does nothing, left does.

Removing vest, bag and uniform removes vest, bag and uniform...

Mmm, OK I am sorry, I mistook, thought it is virtual ammobox(from mission like invade and annex). Myself, I have actually never seen virtual arsenal in any mission.

VAS isnt made by BIS. It's a community made script. Community scrips and mods have no place here, it is up to their creator to fix.

Virtual arsenal can be accessed from Main menu --> Learn --> Virtual Arsenal.