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RC Release - Vest flag
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US flag on vest is backwards on the other side. Needs to have image reversed.


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Heavy GL Carrier

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Why? What?

Flags are both facing stars forward, which is the correct way to apply the flag during wartime for the US Army last I checked. I've never seen anybody wear the flag stars backward, apart from vintage pre WW2 photographs and maybe late 90s pictures.

Are you referring to me? Maybe i'm wrong but if you look at the arms of the new vests, you'll see one arm is displayed correctly (stars in upper left hand corner), while the other arm has the stars are on the opposite side (upper right hand side). The flag still shows, just the image is wrong unless that was as intended which i think is wrong?

I just researched and maybe this is the correct way. Sorry if i was wrong :|

Adam added a comment.Mar 30 2015, 11:57 AM


Sorry but this is not an issue. All flags located on vests and uniforms are facing the same way as Heavy GL Carrier.