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No Entry 'bin\config.bin\CfgMarkers.markerName'
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When using a custom marker, established using the format posted on the BI wiki, I am receiving this error:

No Entry 'bin\config.bin\CfgMarkers.playerMarker'

I tried using setMarkerTypeLocal playerMarker and it says the parameter takes a string, so I have been using the method below.

This should be the only needed information.



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class CfgMarkers
class playerMarker {

		icon = "media\playerMarker.paa";
		color[] = {1, 0, 0, 1};
		size = 32;
		shadow = true;
		scope = private;


In Script:

_marker setMarkerTypeLocal "playerMarker";

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thank you for submitting the ticket. Could you please upload a simple repro mission displaying the problem? It would be a big help.

Thank you.

Adam, I have uploaded the test mission, reproducing the error with the least amount of code needed.

The init.sqf executes the player_markers.sqf inside the scripts folder.
The description.ext contains the marker config.
The paa file is within the media folder.
The reference to the "playerMarker" marker name is in scripts\player_markers.sqf on line 128.

Let me know if you need anything else! Thanks

Adam added a comment.Mar 30 2015, 3:42 PM

Thank you. The repro mission was a huge help :)

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The setMarkerTypeLocal command searches the type in configfile >> "cfgMarkers" not in missionConfigFile >> "cfgMarkers". You need to define the new marker using addon instead of description.ext.

Alright, so this would be a good solution:

Arma 3 Root Folder\@MarKeR\config.hpp

class playerMarker {
name = "playerMarker";
icon = "media\playerMarker.paa";
color[] = {1, 0, 0, 1};
size = 32;
shadow = true;
scope = private;

And in the description.ext

class CfgMarkers
#include "@MarKeR\config.hpp"

would this be a viable solution? May help others if they come across this ticket.