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RESOLVED - You are able to use freelook if you deployed your weapon and use the weapon optics
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If you deploy your weapon and use the weapon optics, you are able to use the freelook. That will give you an unrealistic advantage, if you use zoomed optics.

Without the deploy, it isn't possible to use freelook while using the weapon optics.

Update: The issue is partially solved.

Partially because:

If you now press the optics key (default: right mouse button) and press the freelook button (default: left Alt) you can't use the freelook.


If you use freelook (hold left Alt) first and then switch to your weapon optics, you can look around without the weapon on your screen.

The freelook is limited to the movement radius of your deployed weapon, because the weapon will move with your mouse movement. {F25842}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. you need the latest dev-branch
  2. take a rifle with optics (f.e RCO)
  3. deploy your weapon somewhere
  4. hold the Alt key (default) to freelook and press the optics key (default right mouse button)
Additional Information

Resolved in stable release

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I can config this. Tested it out on version. 1.42.130231

you can not use alt while looking in the optic.
only when pressing alt first, looking a side and then pressing right mouse to look into optic as described by Koala in his update.

Also uploaded screenshot.

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Thanks for the upload.

I think, it is just a matter of time until the issue got fixed. As I can remeber, there was a similiar issue back then, where you were able to freelook with zoomed (scoped) view.

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Disproving this issue for

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Please read my description, take a note of the game version (Arma 3 Dev) and steps to reproduce the issue (need the latest dev version).

In you are not able to deploy weapons. The issue only occurs with deployed weapons (possible since dev version, freelook and optics mode.

Koala added a comment.Apr 8 2015, 11:05 PM

I wasn't able to reproduce the issue in the latest stable release

Seems to be resolved and can be closed.

Nice work guys!

Yes, bug is resolved, just tested.

Can be marked as resolved.