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Visibility Of "Backpack" Spawn To All Sides
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When a "backpack" spawn is deployed, the marker is visible to all sides, even if the owner side is hostile to them. I am unsure as to whether there have been reports like this on the feedback tracker, I have seen many on the forums but no sign of one here.


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Steps To Reproduce

It can be replicated by going in-game and spawning a Dome-tent spawn (or any other variant of tent spawn or sleeping bag spawn) near a player and then switching to a unit of the opposing side and the marker is then visible on their map.

Additional Information

I have attempted to look at the "functions_f_curator.pbo" file and then look at the "fn_initRespawnBackpack.sqf" file, modifying any code that may be causing this but unfortunately I am not experienced in coding and was unable to uncover what it is that may be causing this. Hopefully I am not the only one noticing this issue, as it can be very irritating when one is playing with friends and it becomes so easy to find one another when the tents were meant to hide one's self.

If this has been reported before and has been discussed, I apologize for the repetition.

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There should also be the option to turn the map markers off completely.

The respawn camps are an awesome feature but unfortunately they're a bit buggy at the moment.
Sometimes they don't delete from the map when you disassemble or destroy them.

Hope they fix them soon.

Should be fixed on dev, did it work?

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