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game crash
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game crash during a simple playing on editor. {F25829}


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Game Crash

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Wow, i see lot of errors. For a start try to scan game files via steam (to see that some is damaged). Next thing: are you using any sqf. script in mission folder? What drivers are you using? My advice is to reinstall DirectX and all C++ and video drivers. Also check antivirus.

amooei added a subscriber: amooei.May 8 2016, 11:43 AM

thanks, I have AVG antivirus and recently run full scan no issue, also have latest amd catalyst driver, directx should be ok it just checked during game setup and was update.seems they assinged it so they have found something about game and will fix it.

Adam added a comment.Mar 25 2015, 9:04 AM

This issue has been fixed. Could you please switch your ARMA to dev branch and see if you are able to reproduce it again?

You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

Thank you

thanks @Adam, but I really don't know how to reproduce it, maybe working for some hourses in editor?
anyway I just wanted to report it if that can help you guys at BI to fix more possible crash situations.