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3rd person & 1st person servers for End Game
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Would it be possible to have an additional 1st person only server for End Game?
Some people don't like playing with 3rd person (or cheat view as some people say)
I know quite a few servers such as King of the Hill, Battle Royale and Wasteland provide 1st person only solutions.

This is assuming BIS will add offical servers for End Game, like what they did with Offcial Zeus servers.


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Dyslecxi puts issues of 3rd Person view into good context

Of course I have nothing against 3rd person view, but I do find 1st person more satisfying :)

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What's wrong with hosting your own server with your own (hardcore) settings
(Multiplayer -> New -> Name: "End Game FPS only & No CH"/Internet/No password -> Altis -> End Game (with Elite difficulty)?

Just wait a few minutes. Maybe there will be people joining.

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Official BIS servers are more popular, especially for Zeus servers.
Also my poor Internet and computer prevents me from hosting a server with decent FPS.

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For less confusion, I'm was assuming BIS will implement dedicated servers for End Game gamemode in the final release, as this happened when Zeus gamemode came out.

If they're not providing dedicated servers for End Game, this ticket is redundant.

Done a while ago.