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PSCollimator shader compile error -GameCrash-
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Branch: Development
Version: 1.43.129768

I got crash after todays update. I changed the game display settings and after restart i got PSCollimator shader compile error.

18:53:17 Error: 80004005 in D3DXCompileShader while compiling the PSCollimator shader
18:53:17 error X3501: 'PSCollimator': entrypoint not found

bidmp,rpt added
{F25809} {F25810}


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Game Crash

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I forgot to mention that i changed the resolution and the aspect ratio before restart.

I using the Game updater.

thank you for submitting the ticket. I cannot reproduce the crash. Has a mdmp file created for you along with the rpt and bidmp ones? It would be very useful for analysing the crash.

Is the crash reproducible for you?

Yes, always with Version: 1.43.129768

I created DMP through the task manager(windows 8.1).

It is a little bit big, but maybe contains some information:

I had the same problem, however when I ran ArmA3GU.exe instead of arma3.exe the game launched fine. If I try to launch with the normal .exe then I still get the error.

As I said on my ticket ( I think the problem is only that when the game restarts, it restarts by the Arma3.exe rather than the Arma3GU.exe.

As such, the bug will only be effecting those of us that run the dev branch as a a separate install using Game Updater and have to launch the game via Arma3GU.exe instead of the normal .exe - which is why Iceman can't reproduce it with his set-up (I guess)

It probably wont affect the game when the update hits stable branch, like it doesn't appear to affect people like Iceman who run only the dev Branch, via Steam's beta opt-in.

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