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"Error compiling shader PSCollimator" notice upon game restart
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On the current dev branch, whenever I am prompted to restart the game after making changes to mods loaded, via the ingame Expansions menu or when changing certain game Options such as UI scale, an error message will show when the game tries to restart itself.

Following attempts to manually launch the game via a launcher, Steam, or clicking the .exe produce no error {F25802}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load the game normally via Steam or a launcher or whatever
  1. Go in to the \Configure\Expansions menu and change the mod configuration (doesn't matter if you're enabling or disabling them - either should promt you to restart the game to apply the changes)
  1. When a message pops up prompting you to restart the game, do so
  1. The game will exit and attempt to restart, but some way through the loading-bar sequence an error message will pop up stating: "Error compiling shader PSCollimator" and the game will fail to restart
  1. Manually start the game again via Steam or the launcher and no error appears during the loading sequence.
Additional Information

I assume this is related to the new technology that was added in yesterdays's dev Branch update for Collimator sights

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could you please try to verify the game data?

Thank you very much.

I'm currently running the dev Branch via an additional install, using the official Game Updater application:

So verifying integrity through Steam only resolves the Main Branch files, not the dev branch where I'm experiencing the error.

I've re-run the Update process via Game Updater, which validates the additional install outside of Steam.

I'm thinking maybe that's the problem; the restart doesn't initialise the .exe that's compliant Game Updater installations of the game. My apologies for overlooking that - I guess that could make it a separate issue entirely.

related/duplicated: <- i have crash dump here

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