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Add More Weapon Commands
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It would be useful if the community could have a few more scripting commands for the upcoming Marksmen DLC Bipod feature, as well as giving more access to existing features.

For example, there is no way to know if a player is using his main scope or the backup sights on top of the scope for multi-sight scopes. There also isn't any way to script weapon deployment for units, or manually set pivot restrictions.

Some possible commands include:

Weapon Sights: (based on cfgWeapons\optic...\itemInfo\opticModes class)
opticId - return id of current weapon sight being used by attached scope (backup red dot sight, main scope, etc)
setOpticId - set current weapon sight (backup red dot sight, main scope, etc) on attached scope

Weapon Deployment:
deployWeapon - deploy weapon at given point
deployedLimits - get rotational limits of deployed weapon in degree's
setDeployedLimits - set rotational limits of deployed weapon in degree's


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Possible syntax:

Weapon Sights:
integer = opticId "muzzle"
unit setOpticId integer

Weapon Deployment:
unit deployWeapon [x,y,z]
array = deployedLimits unit
unit setDeployedLimits [x,y]

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