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Zeroing incorrect on weapon/optics combinations
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The zeroing on optics(SOS, LRPS) are not set right for all guns. Using a range with 100m target intervals I found the zeroing to the optic seems to be carried over

from the base gun not accounting for the differences there for throwing the zeroing off by hundreds of meters.
For instance:
MX 6.5 with a SOS/LRPS zeroed to 500m hits where aimed.

MXC 6.5 with a SOS/LRPS zeroed to 500m falls short of the target requiring an adjustment of approximately 2 mill-dots under the center to hit where aimed.

MXM 6.5 with SOS/LRPS zeroed to 500m shoots high requiring an approximate mill-dot correction of 1 and a half above the center to hit where aimed.

Same issue is apparent with the Katiba:
Katiba Carbine 6.5 with an SOS/LRPS zeroed to 500m is on target.

Katiba 6.5 with the longer barrel and a SOS/LRPS zeroed at 500m requires a correction of approximately half a mill-dot above the center.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Make yourself a long shooting range place targets at 100m intervals over a flat piece of terrain (I used the Altis salt flats).
  1. get Hypnomatic's Projectile Path Tracing script found here:!

2 Alt. get a friend who also wants to figure out why they are constantly shooting over their ranged targets to sit and watch for the impacts (we did both to

make sure the script wasn't miss reporting the projectile impacts).

  1. setup a Virtual Armory box and don't forget your range finders.

p.s. don't forget a fast vehicle its a long way to those targets.

Additional Information

All corrections are approximated based off dozens of rounds fired at each.

MXC 6.5 with SOS/LRPS zeroed to range:
300m 1 mill low
400m 1 mill low
500m 1.5 mills low
600m 1.5 mills low
700m 2.5 mills low
800m 3 mills low
900m 3.5 mills low
1000m 4 mills low

MXM 6.5 with SOS/LRPS zeroed to range:
300m 0.5 mills high
400m 1 mill high
500m 1.5 mills high
600m 1.5 mills high (zeroed at 500m shooting 600m target hits)
700m 2 mills high (zeroed at 600m shooting 700m hits)
800m 2.5 mills high (zeroed at 700m aiming .5 mills over hits)
900m 3.25 mills high
1000m 4 mills high

Katiba 6.5 Long barrel version with SOS/LRPS:
300m on target
400m 0.5 mills high
500m 0.5 mills high
600m 1 mill high
700m 1.5 mills high
800m 2 mills high
900m 2.5 mills high
1000m 3 mills high

Also tested a few rounds on the Dev build issue remains with LRPS and new marksman optics.

SOS is no longer in the game on Dev Build the LRPS has taken its place Same issue persists.

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Which sight is the SOS? Are you calling it by its in game name or its real life counterpart name. Is it a modded sight?

That is the in game armory and inventory name listed by SOS and optic_SOS on

The LRPS ( optic_LRPS ) on the same list also presents with the issue

No mods used in the test environment just the Projectile Path Tracing script

Oh, Thats weird. In the dev branch it's called MOS (Marsmen Optical Sights) not SOS.

The crosshair is totally different (no mil dots) and magnification is now "2,5x-5x".

I guess the new sight make up for it. That and the LRPS and the SOS were identical in performance.

Yeah on the dev branch they changed the optic entirely. the MOS is basically a new optic with the SOS's old model and the SOS is no longer there. when the added the Rahim that also added the LRPS that uses the same optic model the SOS had minus the SOS's alternate top sight. So on the dev branch its the LRPS also had the same issue when I tried it.

It's because the new weapon-based initspeed values aren't taken in to account in the zeroing calculations that the game does. The trajectory calculation used to resolve the muzzle elevation when adjusting the zero only uses the initspeed value from the magazine, not the final muzzle velocity of the weapon.

30Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag for the MX and the derivative magazines for the Katiba have:
initSpeed = 800;

The standard-length MX (arifle_MX_F) has:
initSpeed = 800;

The Katiba Carbine (arifle_Katiba_C_F) has:
initSpeed = 820;

These classes follow the zeroing calculations quite well because weapon-initspeed is the same as (or very close to) the 800m/s value used to resolve the zeroing calculation.

The Katiba Carbine POI might show a very small deviation from the POA at longer ranges because it's 20 m/s faster, but for shorter ranges the trajectory wont have deviated enough for you to noticeably miss the target.

As for the other weapons...

Long-barreled Katiba (arifle_Katiba_F) has:
initSpeed = 900;

MXM (arifle_MXM_F) has:
initSpeed = 920;

MXC (arifle_MXC_F) has:
initSpeed = 720;

These weapons have an initSpeed value that deviate greatly from the 800 m/s value used to calculate their trajectory for zeroing, therefore the POI shifts from the POA quite a lot.

You can see that the classes where weapon-initspeed > magazine-initspeed are the ones that shoot high, and the classes where weapon-initspeed < magazine-initspeed are the ones that shoot low.

Another game breaking issue.. upvoted.

The same bugged zeroing behavior can also be observed with the TRG-20 and the (A)RCO optics.
You have to aim significantly lower than expected.
And it matches the same pattern with a largely deviating initSpeed between magazine and weapon:

30Rnd_556x45_Stanag has:
initSpeed = 920;

TRG-20 (arifle_TRG20_F) has:
initSpeed = 840;

And as ArmA is mostly about Infantry, not correctly zeroed optics are a game breaking issue which I'd like to see fixed.
So BI, pretty please...! ;-)