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Foliage attachment option for guns?
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We want foliage on our sniperguns to complete the bushy sniper look.
Maybe as an attachment or as a variant of the guns themselves?


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Great suggestion!
Never thought about it even though we had a sniper in Arma 2 with foliage. :)

But it might be better to have a seperate gun for it or else people will only be walking around with camoflaged guns in MP.

Could equip it to the laser or flashlight spot, so you have to choose between said items.

It would probably have to be a variant/separate weapon.

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I think its better to have it its own attachment instead of a separate gun, dunno about painting (like black XM and XM) but if we have folliage as attachments pepople would be able to create their owns.

I also agree with Goldblaze, if BIS doesn't want to create a new attachment slot the barrel/side mount slots will work.

The side rail slot would, in my opinion, be the best way.

When you want to use a laser or a light, there is not really a point of having a camouflaged marksman/sniper rifle. You will stand out a lot more when using those, not to mention the foliage getting in front of the light/laser.