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Add all tracers belts to SPMG and Navid
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Currently the ammunition belts of the SPMG and the Navid have a mix of normal and tracer rounds (one tracer every 5 and 3 rounds respectively).

All tracer belts should be added to the game for the two new machine guns, like they exist for the MX SW, the Mk200 and the Zafir.


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I was shocked to not see any tracer packed ammunition cases for the newer weapons within the arsenal!

However, maybe they're still making adjustments and do not want the added overhead of maintaining duplicate ammunition types as of yet. However, this MarksMan is paid content. Personally, I would have waited to release, and released on a Monday allowing five days for any needed hot fixes. (But that's just what I would do if I were planning.)

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Sniper/marksman rifles shouldn't receive tracer rounds. This ticket is only regarding the new MMGs.

I'm sure they'll find some time to add them at some point.

I'm not sure about the policy of this forum regarding writing in old posts.
But I would like to mention that it would also be cool to adjust the .338 Norma Magnum projectile properties:
It originally was developed to allow people to load rounds with absurdly low drag coeficients, while keeping the same overall loaded lenght. Also while the case itself if quite a good bit shorte than that of a .338 LM, it's volume is not too significantly smaller than that of the .338 Lapua Magnum. Specially since the .338 Norma Magnum both has it's cartridge seated slightly lesser deep than that of the .388 LM, while also being able to use (5%) higher chamber pressures.
And the fact that the .338NM has the bullet seated a little shallower makes the already not too significant cartrige volume diference even smaller, and the slightly higher operating pressure more than likely makes up for the slightly lower volume (if not even slightly MORE than covering just the difference)

On top of that, the .338 Norma Magunum PROJECTILE is a goood bit longer than usual .338 Lapua Magnum projectiles. And this fact definetely should not only make it have a higher MASS, but also have a lower friction coeficient (by both increased MASS/Sectional Density, AND improved Ballistics Coeficient), but also have a better penetration than even the Navid.

However in relation to those properties IN GAME, the .338 NM is simply underperforming. Being modeled as literally a "NERFED .338 Lapua Magnum". This is because it not only has the same friction value as the .338 LM, it also has a LOWER muzzle velocity while basically using the same projectile... (which means massively lower damage AND penetration, penetrating noticeably worse than even a 7.62x54 rife)

SPMG needs a buff to its damage, Friction Coeficient, and penetration. Because in "TL;DR" terms: it is basically a .338 LM loaded with a very heavy and long projectile that has a lower muzzle velocity, significantly lower friction coeficient, and significantly higher sectional density.
(which when all facts combined should make up for the lower Muzzle Velocity at very long ranges when compared to the .338 LM because of the lower drag. And at close ranges should make their damage and penetrations extremely similar, if not the same)