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Body armor not functioning properly since last patch (
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In the latest version ( released on 03 MAR 2015, body armor has ceased to function properly. Regardless of the armor a character is wearing, they absorb damage as if they were wearing full armor, even if naked. For example, it takes 3 Katiba shots to the chest to kill both a fully armored and naked target. It doesn't matter if you wear body armor or not, it will always take 3 chest shots with an assault rifle to kill you. Behavior is the same regardless of weapon used.

See the following screen shots for a demonstration:

You can see that it ALWAYS takes the same number of shots to kill a target regardless of the body armor they're wearing, if any.


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Steps To Reproduce

Go into the Virtual Arsenal and shoot an armored and unarmored target and note that each bullet does the same damage regardless of the target's armor.

Additional Information

Before the patch, all rifles would kill in a head shot regardless of the helmet being worn. Now, in the current version, it takes at least two head shots with every assault rifle to kill even a completely naked target. I doubt this is intended, as it's very unrealistic to get shot in the head with any sort of assault rifle and live to tell about it without wearing at least a helmet.

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Ditto here. Nice work creating the screenshots to demonstrate the bug.

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Thanks a lot for letting us know, the issue was only for VR Entities which were undergoing some deeper changes. It should work correctly even for them.

Yeah, I was shooting VR guys in the face with .45 acp. Took 2 shoots to kill them