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No "cursorTarget" for the brave (if SP autoreport disabled). [video]
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If player doesn't belong to a group, cursortarget doesn't return anything until player is fired by (or near) enemy units. A player alone hardly acquires a situational awareness ("knowsabout", "reveal"). Cursortarget and all scripts calling this useful function seem linked with these abilities. {F25729} {F25730}


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edit a mission with a single blufor player;
place any kind of enemy units, not too far;
make sure this guy (unit) can't shoot at you (ammo to zero for example);

launch mission;
in debug console write:
0=[]spawn{while {true} do {hintSilent format ["who's this?: %1", typeof cursorTarget]}};
No matter if the enemy unit aim at you, you can be very close, cursortarget doesn't return anything!

return to editor;
add a friendly unit in your group;
avoid this unit firing at enemy (ammo 0);

launch mission;
cursortarget is OK because your fellow "knowsabout" the enemy (probably).

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see video:

Many scripts depend on cursortarget and it's too bad waiting for enemies bullets before enabling them.

Is it possible to unlink cursortarget with the situational awareness?


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Sorry I'm not getting this, mine returns all vehicles and units even when I'm the only BLUFOR. There are certain objects that don't return anything but vehicles and units are working correctly for me.

Maybe you should post your mission file, I've had the odd corrupt one in the past.
Also check and verify the game through Steam, I also had to re-install a few weeks back due to an AI issue even though the files verified correctly.

Hi F2K Sel,
It's permanent for me. I removed all addons, CBA included.
So, I guess i'm close to Vanilia config with a 1.40 Arma III version + DLC Helo.
I don't have Karts neither Zeus.

As you can see in attached files, a very basic mission: player Blufor, officer Opfor.
No cursortarget until i kill the Opfor. Then i get O_officer_F & nearby a WeaponHolderSimulated (for officer's armament)
The RPT file is tiny since I removed CBA but I didn't found an explanation.

SO, I don't understand why I have no cursortarget data on ENEMIES only.
No problem with other units or empty vehicle.
I'm rather sure it's a "knowAbout" question, but nothing in relation with sight distance. I can be as close as possible, I don't see Opfor (enemy).
If enemy fires at me, I catch a "knowAbout" then cursortarget, after a little time.

Checked through Steam. 1 file corrupted & reacquired. No more result. Problem remains with all files OK.

Thank you for your help.

I thought I'd just check and it seems to be related to difficulty settings.

On Expert there was no cursortarget data on enemies (at least in A2/OA) I didn't have time to load A3.

Oddly though when you aim at the vehicle it does register and after that it's fine, even though I was standing just a couple of meters away.

Yes! I browsed all settings and finally found this is linked with Autoreport enabled or not. In MP, autoreport is hardcoded as enabled.
In SP, disabling autoreport makes your cursortarget inconsistent for enemies but OK with dead bodies (as they become "civilian").

So, the question could be: is it possible to unlink cursortarget proprieties from autoreport setting? Autoreport is thought as a report for group. So, what if player is alone? He can't report to himself?

Please try "cursorObject" command instead, which should be available tomorrow.