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vehicle freeze in water
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Everytime when you go your vehicle even for small water (water splash animation will start) then get out, and back in the vehicle you will be unable to move. You can turn your wheels but you cannot move in any direction.


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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce
  • Get some vehicle (amphibious), and go to some water.
  • Disembark
  • Get back in
  • Try to drive

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The problem occur when you swith position in vehicle (while in water) to gunner or some other than driver, and then, back to drivers seat

Should be fixed in the next dev branch update. Could you please check it and let us know if you still experience this issue? Thanks

I cant switch to dev beacuse my steam account have been hacked, i can run steam offline only now

This seems to be working now. Marking as resolved.

Great, but i even cant check it. Please, if in your plan Arma 4 will appear, release non-steam version too - i will not create second steam account specialy for arma 4. It looks like Steam support ignored me and my account is in some hacker hands. No respond at all since month