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Infantry damage values have been changed to yield unreasonable results
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After the most recent update to 1.40, I started to notice that it took a lot more bullets to kill AI in missions, even with headshots.

I loaded up Virtual Arsenal and fired an unsuppressed 6.5mm MX rifle right into an AI's face. To my surprise, it now takes 2 HEADSHOTS to kill. The first puts the AI at around around 15% health. I fired the PO7 pistol and it takes 3 headshots to kill. None of the AI were wearing head armor of any kind.

Not an expert on ballistics, but this is all very immersion-breaking. Could someone please explain why such damage model is the case?


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load Virtual Arsenal
  2. Remove your Head gear so AI won't have head gear as well
  3. Fire 6.5mm rifles at AI
  4. Observe how many shots it takes to down an enemy at point blank range

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Yeah, something happened with body armor in the last patch. Everybody has super high armor, regardless of what they're wearing. You can run around naked now and just soak up bullets. It has to be a bug, I hope.

I can confirm, something is seriously wrong with the damage model right now. It seems that without armor it takes 4 rounds of 5.56 to the chest to kill a man and 2 to the head! This is crazy and hopefully not intentional.

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So the devs just closed a ticket that was similar to mine, saying it only affected VR entity AI's that are currently being overhauled. Just tested this out and it seems like this is true. Maybe I just had horrible aim in my missions.

You guys can confirm by loading actual faction AI's into your Virtual Arsenal and testing. I'm going to continue investigating by aiming more carefully against AI set to easy.

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