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More Virtual Arsenal filtering options
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Now after I've seen livestream from 7.3.2015 where you've shown us new virtual garage where you can change skins and parts of vehicles and I've got an idea - Why cannot even Virtual Arsenal work like that? Imagine that you pick a one kind of clothing and then retexture it to whatever you would like to. With weapons you could also pick different kinds of camouflage. Then you could remove all the duplicates like MX 6.5 Black variant and all useless stuff like that. Also you would be able to mount grenade launcher here so you could also remove all GL weapons from game. If you even added more possiblities like change fired projectile,whole components and magazine so you can make your very own weapon etc that could bring really much potential to the game.


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I don't think weapon factory is the right term. It's just another way of filtering weapons, which I agree with. It would be nice to have more filter settings like weapon type (smg, lmg, rifle) and by addon to de-clutter the list a bit.

The vehicles don't let you re texture anything you want to, only preset ones set in their configs. It's up to the mod maker to make that possible.

I've changed the title name to prevent misunderstanding. Thanks for telling me.