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Again and again the Old Bugs remain without Attention!
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Again I get the next update (v1.40), and I see a giant list of changes!
The game doesn't need most of these changes, however, BIS persistently creates them.
Again BIS makes a lot of unnecessary changes in that time, as a rough basic errors be ignored!
I still see that old shit in the game:

AI - driver so dumb that not able to avoid a elementary obstacle:

Any hits into soldiers, these soldiers make idiotic movements:

The character's head often gets inside objects:

AI passes through the soldiers and through walls:

AI inside the squad of player, is not able to move normally:

The soldier uses stationary weapons and quadbike does not have a normal death animation:

When this will be fixed finally!?
People don't want in vain to expect these fixes.


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Thanks for this Ticket!
If Arma 4 is not 64bit and still based on OFP, i am out!
Supporting and buying boiled shit is not my favorite waste of time!
cheers Cyborg

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I don't support the harsh tone, but I agree that some rather old issues should receive more attention, polish, support or fixing.

Thank you for the report, it has been acknowledged. I would like to ask everyone to keep the discussion civil and refrain from using aggressive tone and cursing. I would be very sorry If I had to start disabling user accounts. Thank you very much.

I also don't support the harsh tone, but when I say "shit", I can't find other words. This bugs, really looks like shit, because these bad parts spoil the experience of playing in A3.
I'm tired of seeing these old bugs again and again. Every update I'm waiting for the correction of these errors. However, BIS is doing the update again and again and each time ignores these problems.
Dear developers, please fix finally these bad parts!

I understand the frustration and what you are trying to tell, however I advise to try to find another words. Cursing will not be tolerated.

Ok, I promise never in my life not to use foul language, if BIS will fix finally these bugs;)

Don't forget the annoying bug where helicopters explode when tipped over... *intensly grinds teeth*

But the thing with bad AI drivers has always been a problem in open sandbox games. Even in GTA they aren't really smart.

Related to the following topics:

Bad Ai-driving:
Bad hits anims:
Head in the wall:
AI moved through walls/soldiers:
Bad AI-movement in the squad:
Static gunner no has death anim:
Quadbike driver no nas death anim:

hm?, this isn't really the right place, or maybe it is? The word with "s", which only describes not good tasting or bad smelling things, this word is no bad language, it simply makes a comparison!
I am from germany and here it's called "Scheiße". People in germany working hard and have no understanding for people who are crying all the time because they were criticised hash. "Do not talk to me this way" :( "If you talk to me this way i have to ban you!". Thats kids like behaviour. :)
If you dont have a "darwinistic ass kicking boss", let me say: "sometimes it's better to have one. It makes you harder, better and faster".
What do you think? Why german produkts are as good as they are? Because we are crying the whole day? I dont think so. ;)

Some people exaggerate a little bit. ARMA 3 is a very good game. Nothing is perfect. But I agree with mickeymen, some error should already be removed long time ago!!!!!

Today ARMA3 is a unique game, that has no analogues in the world and it is very cool.
But, i think, in this game, the developers should not leave without his attention elementary and silly mistakes!!!
For me and for many other players, not nice to see, how many of these errors are ignored by the developers, long time.
Very often, the attention of the developers focused on new DLC or not necessary corrections (for example, new names for soldiers and etc).
Each new DLC adds new errors and eventually the old bugs remain without attention! This is not good fact for Arma:(
Thus, in the waiting of the necessary corrections, the player spends many months and sometimes even years!

For this reason, I have to apply a "cry of despair", even with bad words/
I want to BIS did not bring their users to this state.
Feedback should work perfectly. BIS, please remember this!

ignored in 1.42,
ignored in 1.44,
ignored in 1.46

@ mickeymen " BIS is doing the update again and again and each time ignores these problems."
You are very right to tell that with every update, BIS introduce new bugs. I don't know what happened with them. Now they are focused only to make money with those DLCs. Example is the stradal lights . Another one, after 1.44, the repair of the vehicles near the suport is a loterry.

@ sisollazzo "ARMA 3 is a very good game. Nothing is perfect."
Yes, but BIS is struggling for a while to ruin this beautiful game.

"Now they are focused only to make money with those DLCs"
yes, a also see it, very sad to me

Another very annoying bug that actually didn't exist until the very first patch of the Arma 3 Alpha:

Helicopters exploding if rolled over.
(ticket being ignored: 0012760 )

This is maybe the "worst easy fixable bug" in my opinion. It is extremely annoying and yet such a small glitch.

They didn't even fix it in the Helicopters DLC, which many were hoping for!