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AI motorized/mechanized groups not re boarding vehicles after engagements while still traveling to distant waypoints.
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AI lead motorized and mechanized groups,if traveling to a waypoint a few KM or more away will when encountering the enemy disembark the infantry as expected,but once the enemy is dead and the area clear,the infantry do not all get ordered back in their vehicle,but instead the vehicle either drives toward the waypoint leaving the infantry behind, or only some of the infantry get ordered in the vehicle,but some or all infantry are still left running after the vehicle while it drives off leaving them behind, the vehicle either speeding off or driving slower than normal but still too fast for them to keep up.

I'd expect them to re board the vehicle to continue to travel like in A2OA if they aren't close to their destination,not run on foot after a vehicle that is moving slower but still too fast to keep up and clearly leaving them behind and not maintaining formation.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place a motorized or mechanized group in the editor,wheeled vehicles paths are easier to predict.
  2. Place a move waypoint for the group at least 2KM away from the group,preferably more than a couple KM.
  3. Place a few enemy infantry a short distance away along the path the group takes,preferably a couple hundred meters away from the group after everyone's boarded that are easily spotted and eliminated,but not instantly and not until after the infantry dismount from their vehicle.
  4. Place yourself as either part of the group,or separate,as it does not seem to matter regarding the issue,and watch and wait for the group to encounter the enemy.
  5. Observe the group after the infantry dismount and all enemies have been killed and the area is clear. Some or all of the infantry remain on foot and running after the vehicle while it drives on and away from them to the waypoint.
Additional Information

I first observed this issue in either 1.36 or 1.38,and it still occurs in 1.40,but I haven't played before version 1.36 and do not know when it first occurred.

It does not seem to matter whether the group leader is infantry or vehicle crew,although infantry may be more likely to have some infantry but not all re board the vehicle.

Still a problem in 1.44 and what confuses me is there isn't this problem in old A2OA,there the infantry seem to re board the vehicle the minute the enemy die or sometimes sooner to continue on,yet this is a problem in A3,where when a motorized/mechanized group encounters the enemy their left running after their vehicles long after the enemy is gone until they reach a waypoint that's still far away 99% of the time,and only once reaching the waypoint might re board the vehicle.

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Still happens in 1.42.

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Still a problem in 1.44.

I dont know that this is bug. I remeber same thing in Arma 2 - there was some mods for that. Arma 3 have diferent strategy for AI, i think they lefted this as it is, beacuse it is real. Some soldiers must secure battlefield, while APC with some of infantry continue moving.

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this is a bug because the vehicle isn't moving with them.The infantry are running after the vehicle while it drives off while the squad leader constantly tells them to regroup with the vehicle which continues to drive away from them,and in a2 when I tested it they would either get ordered back in the vehicle,or the vehicle would stay near them and the infantry kept up with it,they did not drive off towards the waypoint while the infantry ran after it and got left behind.And most of the time all the infantry are left running unless the squad leader is infantry himself,but if even if he might get back in,the infantry that aren't told to still run after the vehicle while it runs off by itself and the SL constantly tells them to regroup. Why the vehicle doesn't keep in formation when infantry can't keep up or the SL doesn't tell them to re board which it does usually in a2 when the area is cleared and their destination is still 5km away I'm not sure.

"will when encountering the enemy disembark the infantry"

This happens, also without encountering the enemy. The enemy does not exist in the field of view, but the commanders of the vehicles will be ordered to leave the transport/get in to transport, without clear reason. This slows the movement and at least it seems not rational.

The game clearly needs new sets of behaviour for motorized and mechanized units as it apears to be something missing.
They need a reworked set of conditions that avoids the infinite loop (board/dismount/board/dismount) they suffer right now. At least lock the vehicle once they are all dismounted until area clear for Mech Infantry.
They absolutely don't need to board again while in combat. At least to begin with, it can get more complex once we have the system working.

This Fixes are necessary in Arma3

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If the vehicles would stay with the infantry or at least drive slow enough for them to keep up (since infantry can't run at a full sprint constantly they start lagging behind) and stop when they don't and if the infantry would get back in the vehicle when their still traveling but only once the areas clear or reasonably clear it would probably fix a number of problems with motorized/mechanized infantry.