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ammo icons in Virtual Arsenal now black since update 1.40
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every ammo icon is now black in Virtual Arsenal since update 1.40 {F25694} {F25695} {F25696} {F25697} {F25698}


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Virtual Arsenal
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start Virtual Arsenal view ammo menu

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Also seems to have a knock-on effect towards VAS, which has all the inventory icons black like silhouettes. Difficult to read and impossible without text to tell you what they are.

I am also seeing this since 1.40. The pattern for me is that it only seems to black out icons that are used in ui's created via createDialog, rather than cutRsc. The same 64x64 .paa icon appears black in any dialog I create, but when I use it on the HUD in identical structured text it's fine.

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It also happens with vehicle icons (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> _type >> "picture"). I attached screenshot. before the patch these icons were white.

It was fixed in the dev-branch like more than a week ago, so it should make it to the next update.

the issue is not solved in 1.42, the pictures are still black in arsenal

What happened to the icons Bohemia!? They used to be good D: