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Large roads.shp file causes memory issues and CTD
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Encountered the ability to completely break the game if one uses a large road network on a custom island. The amount of road paths seems to be the critical factor, and is quite possibly related to the AI pathfinding. The errors are visible in various ways, for example standard BIS classes start giving RPT spams and visual model glitching.

Altis uses a roadnetwork that is a little bit over 700km long and consists of over 1400 paths, but it is unclear how large road networks the game supports at this time. A road network of 6000+ paths crashes the game.

While removing this limit outright by code changes would be much appreciated the next best thing would be some real parameters of what the engine can handle and what to look out for when making the new road network.


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Try an island with a large road network, for examply my very own Lost Coast alpha. Play on it. Try a large mission like DUWS or just place a lot of Ai.

Additional Information

My island functions just fine with the altis road network or no road network at all so there should be no other error here. I attached my Roads.shp file for reference.

My island is avaliable here:

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Iceman added a comment.Mar 3 2015, 1:21 PM

I have downloaded your island but cannot make the client crash with any amount of AI. Is it possible to upload a repro mission here? mission.sqm will do. Thank you very much.

OK, perhaps it is related to some road related scripting commands rather than pure number of AI?

Is your AI trying to pathfind or are they just spawned?

I will try to make a game-breaking mission, but in the mean time it is readily apparent in larger dynamic missions like DUWS or Pilgrimage:

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