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No Sound At All in ARMA 3
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Each time I load up ARMA 3, after several re-installations of the game and drivers as well, I have no audio in the game. I have checked the mixer, in game settings, drivers, and made sure other Steam games still have audio as well as uninstalling all add ons. Issue persists no matter what version of the game is used and no matter how the game is launched. (IE; directly from EXE ran as Admin or in Steam with or without launcher) {F25685}


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  • Not sure as it is an issue I only encounter on my SSD and not my HDD and that I have heard little of in the community
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Any help is greatly appreciated. Here are some similar reports, but I have tried the steps in them too:

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you say you checked the sound mixer, if you run the game in windowed mode, it sometimes allows you to see for a split second, if you switch directly to it, could you possibly upload a video, or take some scrrenshots, and maybe add a dxdiag, might be something wrong with the audio output of the pc. also, check under ingame audio settings, and move a slider around, some sound should start playing, if not, its either not producing the audio, from the game, or windows sound mixer, is somehow blocking the audio from getting out the speakers.

another possible cause, is that it for some reason, uses another audio output, which is not in use. i suggest disabling all outputs not in use.


could you please upload your DX-Diag file?
You can find how to get your file here:

Thank you.

I think ticket is ready to close

dxdiag file is uploaded