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FFV turrets ignore lodTurneIn/Out & changes to LOD used for 1st person rendering
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between & lod used for rendering FFV turret was changed from first resolution lod to view cargo lod - probably this change is connected with adding FFV abilities to copilots. This FFV behaviour is also present in 1.40RC

While in general that change should be praised it leads to some issues with different than regular FFV implementations like making soldiers sitting on tank or APC. Making more detailed view cargo lod with exterior could be valid solution but there is performance price for that as detailed interior & exterior need to be rendered at once. Beside that, it's easy to reach poly limit that way.

Therefore it would be nice to have ability to control LOD used for FFV positions with params lodTurnedIn/Out that are working fine with regular turrets.

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This is unbelievable, how can this not get fixed before release?? :( all FFV work is now broken. Every vehicle that uses FFV and doesn't share exterior in interior lod is for nothing! Very disappointing :(

acknowledged? well thanks for nothing BIS..

thank you for your report. The issue was acknowledged and the fix will be delivered. However, there was a major issue in the core functionality of the feature which required a lot of refactoring and there was unfortunately no way how to deliver the fix to current Stable branch without a risk of doing more damage than good. Don't worry though, it's on the list.

Basically lodTurnedOut checks the "resolution" of the LOD as specified in shapes, if the resolution doesn't fit it won't be chosen. The resolution given by LODTurnedOut param should work just fine, as long as you have LOD defined in this resolution range.
Please try values between 1 and 900 for normal LODs and above for special LODs (like predefined GUNNER, PILOT etc)

Could you please confirm that it works for you? Thanks a lot.