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Certain fortification objects (e.g. bunkers) are missing destructionEffects, which makes them indestructible
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Several smaller fortification objects (sandbags, bunkers etc.) can not be destroyed. Even if their damage is set to 1 they remain in pristine condition.

When viewed in the config viewer the objects in question are all set to destrType = "destructBuilding" but lack configured DestructionEffects category. {F25678}


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Steps To Reproduce

Open the attached mission in the editor.

Use Radio Alpha to setDamage 1 to all present buildings. Observe buildings in the back being destroyed properly while fortifications in the front remain intact.

Use Radio Bravo to output current damage value for each building to chat and RPT.

Additional Information

The issue is not limited to the objects placed in the example mission. Most importantly it affects all classes of the "Land_BagBunker_", "Land_BagFence_" and "Land_HBarrier" families.

Simply disappearing into the ground (similar to the destruction effects of ammo boxes) without being replaced by a proper damage model would be preferable.

For mission-makers the bunkers are ideal to create outposts but with the outlined issue they are far too resilient.

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