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Stance modifier key missing
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I can't use a stance adjustment modifier anymore in 1.40.
Tried mapping my mouse button which I used so far and it's impossible to do.
Please don't remove a perfectly fine and usable feature. I love BIS for the flexibility offered when mapping keys and combos to controls, especially since there are so many of them. This is a major regression since adjusting stances is a very important feature.


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Try using mouse button 4 as a stance adjustment modifier. No longer possible on versions > 1.38.

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Tried mapping button 4 to a key using Razer's software but it didn't work, probably due to Razer sw simulating key press and depress in the same time.

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I also had a great setup where I had the stance keys bound to "Adjust". This meant I simply held down my desired stance and could adjust stance without issues. The issue I have now is that I have to create multiple-key binds such as Left Ctrl(Crouch)+W(A,S,D) which add a delay for checking key presses and also makes them behave strangely when pressed in opposite order. I appreciate that many will prefer this new method but I would prefer if it both options could coexist.

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Hi, sorry for my english writing ^^.

got almost the same issue, the key have disappeared from the keys configuration menu since the last update.

/BUT/, it's still working for me.
I configured the [Z] key previously to replace [ctrl] for stance adjust(actually [W] in my french AZERTY keyboard) , and i can use it at well.
But i want to change the binding, and i can't.
I looked at "infantry movement", "common", "view" and "weapon".

I always use this feature IG, with WASD and im sad...

If you give me your E-Mail address I will send you my file. I solve this Problem in this way. I got a file of a friend of me and I Change it with mime. Now it works. But Bohemia should remove this error.

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Open the config file (documents/Arma3/yournickname.Arma3Profile) with the default notepad (or notepad++) and search for "keyAdjust[]={". There should be the number 29 between those {}

The 29 is the code for the left control key (LCTRL).

It should finally look like: keyAdjust[]={29}

Save the file and look, if you stance key is working again.

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It's working for me without any manual changes. I checked that config file, and keyadjust was 29.

So is this concerning only some players?

PS. And no i don't have exp on.

To clarify, this ticket is about the removal of the stance adjust modifier from the options UI (controls) in favor of the 4 new stance adjustment keys.
I understand some users can appreciate the mapping possibilities the new key binding offer, but for some users, like me, being unable to map any key or mouse button as a stance adjustment modifier key is a major regression.

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I was looking for it today until I figured it out. Is this a bug or an intentional measure?

I bought the game recently, and later found out that you can change your stance farther than the typical 3. I tried digging into the controls to find it, but I found nothing. I tried google and eventually found this.