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AI teamates having big trouble to get in vehicles (1.40RC)
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When ordering AI groupmembers to get it vehicle, it seems to take much longer that before. In urban eviroment, it may fail completely as seen in my demonstration-video (hidden vid in youtube):

After the vid, the one guy even refused to follow me. He end up walking around that building, especially the balcony.

Using 1.40RC-build, but the issue have been there in dev-builds too for maybe some weeks.


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Could you please point me to the location on the vid? Thanks a lot! :)

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That happened in Stavros. ;)

This should now be significantly improved in Dev. branch.
Could you please check it?

Thanks a lot for helping us improve the game!

SaOk added a comment.Mar 23 2015, 11:55 AM

Thanks :), so far it have been working good now.

Marking resolved, thanks for the feedback.