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Bring back features from ArmA 3 pre-alpha
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Please implement weapons and vehicles from ArmA 3 pre-alpha such as the shotguns and the F-35. I am aware of copyright issues (and possibly some bugs), but you could at least re-model the weapons and vehicles to look a bit more futuristic and change the name of it. There was also an XM-25 but I'm too sure about it. {F25629} {F25630} {F25631}


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I wonder if it can be found in the games files. There really has to be shotguns implemented. I am tired of always using Carbines in Close Quarter Combat, especially when clearing out buildings.

I suspect the reason why the pump action shotguns we saw the in pre-Alpha like the M4 SASS (M1014) and Bulldog (KSG) weren't added is because the current ammo/animation system doesn't allow for individual shells to get loaded, similar to how you can't replicate a round-in-the-chamber mechanic properly either. BlackPixxel's UTS-15 for example shows how infeasible it is to do under the current system without a lot of scripting.

On the other hand, it's curious as to why box magazine-fed shotguns like the AA-12 (for BLUFOR) or the Saiga (for OPFOR) aren't in game. I would think that these shotguns would be fine to have since you can't feed shells manually into them anyway.

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The xm25 in particular would be super awesome with the upcoming DLC.

The xm25 in effect is the counter sniper weapon and such airburst functionality from the xm25s code could then be used and incorporated into other weapon systems in game and vehicles.

I would imagine having shotguns that actually fire multiple shots at the same time and not just one shot at an extremely high frame rate could lead to miniguns have realistic fire rates and not close approximations.