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Change of default audio device not changes playback device in game
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Change of default audio device not changes playback device in game but keep playin on the device which has been the default when the game started.

This problem arise when bluetooth headset connected for example.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. start the game
  2. change the default sound playback device on OS level
  3. sound still plays in the original device inside the game
  4. restart the game
  5. sound playback changed to the new device

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i really felt this problem should be given some attention after a decade of persistence. it's a problem since operation flashpoint and still have not been fixed yet :(

i realize it's a low priority item on the to do list, but i think a decade is a long enough time to stay on that list.

sometimes i need to use speakers so i can hear other people talking to me of knocking on the door but sometimes i can use headphones for more immersion. not having the ability to do this on the fly really hampers my ability to enjoy the game fully.

please push this up the priority list