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Adjust 3rd person view to limit exploits
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Third person view currently allows the player to see over and above walls, cover, and brush.

The current implementation allows this to be done with extreme ease mainly due to where the camera is positioned.

This is of course extremely detrimental to gameplay especially in TVT and PVP scenarios. Where due to the cameras position it is impossible to see a person even when they have full view of your character.

What I am asking is for the developers to look into the issue and perhaps reposition the camera so that it is not 4 meters above the players head.

A camera reposition could go a long way to helping improve PVP combat in the game.

One other suitable option might be to implement a FOG of war system directly into the engine so that players that your character cannot see will not render in 3rd person view.

I know this might possibly be a controversial subject but regardless of that the negative effect that 3rd person can have on gameplay is undeniable.

Great video demonstrating the negative effects of 3rd person view atleast in its current implementation.


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you can already disable 3rd person view in difficulty settings on server

Yes but that still leaves wall peeking to an extensive problem in the vast majority of servers.

This is a way to improve and thus fix any of the problems of third person view without having to resort to outright removing it.

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[sorry, I know it's not for discussion]

People like 3rd person because of this exploit, nothing else. If someone wants play without wall peaking, then he/she will join to a 1st person server. The bigger "fov" and arguments like that are just trying to justify seeing over walls.
Distributing any resource to fix this "problem" would be a bad idea and a waste of time and energy IMO, but I'm no dev... so...

Anyways, there's a mod for a custom 3rd person camera.

It would be great to have advanced options for server settings, since I am sure there are alot of people who like to use vehicles with 3rd-person.

-Maybe a limited 3rd-person for infantry as option? Like a camera over the shoulder or so.

I do even catch myself using this exploit, what I think is kind of unfair for my enemies.