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Steam In-game Overlay are locking in keyboard controls
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Whenever I open steam in-game overlay in Arma III and close it again, I find that every key on my keyboard is no unresponsive in game except the keys to open and close the overlay, no matter what I change them to. The mouse is unaffected.


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Steam Overlay:

Step 1: Open the Steam In-game overlay
Step 2: Close the Steam In-game overlay

This causes loss of keyboard control in ArmA III for me.

Additional Information

This happens every single time and can only be fixed by alt-tabbing out of the game and back into it. Changing the overlay keybind does not solve it. Playing in Windowed-Fullscreen does not solve it. Turning off Xfire in game as suggested in another ticket, does not solve it.

ArmA III is the ONLY game this happens in.

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I have something similar happen. If I alt-tab out and then back into the game then the first time I hit shift the overlay pops up and I lose control of the game until I shift+tab to remove the steam overlay.

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@Zectbumo: Just change the key for the overlay (f.e. Home or End). That will resolve the alt-tab problem.

I took the liberty to modify the ticket to include the Alt-Tab issue.

EDIT: Reverted; the originally described issue is not reproducible to me.

Please specify if this still happens.

I heard of the issue alike the Alt-Tab problem, where keys are stuck after going to Steam Overlay and back in the game, but they can be released by pressing the key(s) again, not that they were permanently unresponsive.

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Just happened to me. So I'm playing Domination on -SAS- server and fly a UAV from the MHQ. When it gets shot down, I lose control of a lot of keys, such as directional, escape menu, inventory, stances, lookaround (alt), but I can still talk and use team key (u).

Opening and closing the Steam Overlay does not remedy the problem. The only way to end it is to restart the game.

This was a common problem in ArmA II, and I'm surprised that this has reappeared in ArmA III. Perhaps the bug is in the game mode.