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Taru take damage (ATRQ) when transporting cars [VIDEO]
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In normal flight model when u attach vehicle to taru and fly a little with it heli always break one rotor (always rotor, always one). And help start turn left because of damage.


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Spawn taru, attach for example hunter, take off with it, fly (make fast speed, fast turns), see rotor damage.

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Can you fix it?

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I do not believe this is a bug. It is intentional and it is the loadmaster's responsibility to ensure the load is behaving in a safe way to keep it from damaging the helicopter when stressing the helicopter.

After looking at the video, this looks more like an issue with the sling-ropes and their inconsistent physics that damage the helicopter when they shouldn't have.

But! It's always ATRQ goes damage. And only on Taru chopper!

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Sorry but this doesn't happen with other choppers. Huron for example doesn't have this problem at all. If this is not a bug, the same thing should happen with all the choppers...


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