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Impenetrateble bushes & trees (Solid objects.)
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So it seems that when inside a bush, either standing, crouching or whatever, you cannot be shot, unless your head is sticking out from the bush, you can make a headshot or if the feet might seem a bit out of the bush you can shoot there as well, otherwise you're completely safe sitting in a bush or a tree that covers most part of your body, which in this case means you cannot be killed.

Leaves on trees and bushes seems to be 100% impenetrateble.

Video of the same here:


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Go into a bush, or a tree make sure your body is completely covered, and try shoot... You cannot be killed.

Video example:

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I was going to make the same ticket :)

I'll upload the video I did anyway, and I'll link it here!

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Wrong place. First of all its not vanilla islands, so it should be reported on mod dev site (or forum), second - i newer saw that round from 7.XX milimeter penetrates tree (maybe small one can be penetrated) its impossible, you need to use AP rounds, 12.7 mm can penetrate tree but not smg! Ticket can be closed

Nope, ticket can't be closed. I've got a video from single player campaign in which I shoot a guy inside a bush with my rifle and he doesn't die.

The ticket should stay opened and I'm uploading the video.

Anyway Ak47 with 7.62x39 penetrates trees (obv not the enormous ones).

EDIT: Video here

Ticket resurrected in 1.54.
Its looks like character it's immortal inside a bush.
Here is a video showing a problem.Fixing this bug its really important for gameplay quality.

I was using in video.

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Agree, totally gamebreaking. I dont want to think its connected with AI visibility... please say no. That would mean if they get rid of solid bushes, ai start see through them.

100% you cannot die while in a bush that covers you, not even by a grenade. Absolute bs

Yes this need to fixed ASAP.

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This has ruined countless mods/missions/maps for me personally. Please fix!