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Accessing UAV gunner seat from a vehicle gunner seat, makes the AI controll the vehicle
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Had this issue a few times during MP in Marshall IFVs:
I was trying to wipe out some enemys in a valley with my Marshall, but couldn't find them (as thermal was turned off in it). So i swiched to my Darter howering above the area, and was searching for the enemys, when i saw my Marshall shooting.
Turned out most of the HE ammo was shot onto some enemy.
So it seems, like you swich with the AI, and it just does what AI usually does: seeing enemys and shooting at them.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

Be in a gunner seat of some vehicle with enemys around, and take controll of a UAV turret.

Additional Information might be related in some way.

I might try taking a video of this sometime.

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thank you for reporting the issue, it has been successfully reproduced and assigned internally.

I think this issue has been fixed. It appears that now taking control of the UAV causes the gunner to Turn Out in the Marshall and I see no issue