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Falling animation inside houses.
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In some houses if you press you back to some walls and start looking left or right while aiming, your character starts doing falling animation. Sometime resulting in falling trought walls. It happens mostly on second floors, stairs and balconies. Going to add screenshots.

Problem buliding are:

Ghost hotel (House)

Ghost hotel (Bungalow)

Ghost hotel - a lot of problems in this one.

Stone House (Big) - Balcony

House (Large, Stone)

House (Big)

Shop (Stone, Abandoned) - back balcony

Military Cargo Post

Military cargo Tower


Airport therminal

factory - stairs {F25518}


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Prees your back against wall while aiming and look left and right.

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Haha, this is as should be - the game was supposed to be star wars in first stages, this is what stayed from star wars production steps :) Of course +1 voted up, need to be fixed.

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Related to

It seems, if you turn your character, that the collision is disabled for a short moment.

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This bug has been in Arma3 since the beginning.

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