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Mouse sensitivity (or acceleration) increases when player is in contact with walls
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Mouse sensitivity appears to increase when a player is pressing against a wall.


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Take two wooden blocks and glue/tape them to your computer desk, so they cant move, about 12cm apart.

Place your mouse in between the blocks and move it side to side so it contacts both blocks. Notice of how far your player infantry unit rotates its view while the blocks restrict mouse movement.

Position a player infantry unit against the wall of a building, facing parallel to the wall (ie. looking along the wall) and hug your player against the wall by pressing the move left (or move right) key.

Place your mouse in between the blocks and move it side to side so it hits both blocks. Notice your player infantry unit rotates its view wider than it did when not in contact with the wall.

Look at the blocks glued to your desk and think, "Why did I do that!?"

Additional Information

Mouse sensitivity (or possibly mouse acceleration) is increased when players are in contact with walls.

This effect can also be felt when moving through doorways - if you contact the doorframe - and when walking up stairs - if you contact the handrail on the staircase. It is disorientating to experience a sudden change in mouse sensitivity and player control.

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Finding it hard to believe that no one else has noticed this...

Yeah i'm getting the same, i've thought about it for a whille but never really looked into it, did some research, and doesn't seem like many people are even aware of it. But every one has it. Well i've had it on my 3 different computer with different harware and mouse etc... So it is the game itself, and Dayz S also has this issue.
Oh and someone has made another ticket and even with really clear instructions, the admin that repsonded didn't seem to be able to reproduce it, really doesn't take any special skills to run against a wall then move your mouse from left to right, walk away from the wall and try again to move from left to right. If you don't see a difference in your mouse sensitivity then you might want to go see a doctor, or release the game version that you are playing because every one has this issue, but since even a dev which works on the game hasen't even noticed this... well sorry but something is wrong, really wrong.

The other post even has videos to show it in action... well no one has answered and the OP posted the videos with proof the 2015-09-15. Seems like they don't care or don't have time or since no one cares or no one notices this or no one feels like having to create an account to post something well no one is goin to fix this.

I hope they do at some point realize this, because 4 month without anything from them... well that's pretty sad.

The other post is this one, created the 2015-07-17 and link is here