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Random server crashes
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I've had some random server crashes since the introduction of 1.38 which we almost never had before 1.38. We've always been using the performance binaries.
Server just either stops responding and does nothing anymore or server crashes. What sometimes happens is that some while before this happens the fps/cps crashes down.

Logs/crashdumps and screenshot attached.

We have turned on -noLogs because of the 1.38 RPT spam so the RPT's don't say much. {F25455}


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Happens at random.

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In addition to this we also experience unexplained server stops.
The server executable doesn't crash or stop working, but connections just halt. Connected players don't get disconnected but experience extreme lag, so bad that nothing works. Players can move around but cannot get in vehicles or pick up weapons, players seem to change into npc's etc. rcon tools and even BEC loose connection to the server. ASM also stops showing any activity from the server. The connected headlessclient keeps its connection and keeps showing active players. And seeing I use -noLogs to not have log files hundreds of MB's big I cannot see if theres anything in the log files.
A server restart seems to fix this.