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Allowing VON to be disabled through scripts
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Specifically being able to shut off specific VON channels on client side would be a MAJOR improvement long asked for, it would greatly increase the community's quality, because it would give new tools against griefers/spammers and also new tools into the hands of the players and mission designers, to design the different game missions in a more free way, making even more use of the game.

Short-explained reason:
Sometimes it is neccessary and important to do that selectively (if f/e it is situational because you want to script an event-based-communication or just remove spammers from channels, that regularly should be available for all, except a specific case).

Some more explanation of my view:
2 Cases that directly pop into my head where the lack of this function is a BLOCKER:

  • You have a roleplay server running with a global chat or side chat and have no way of giving the user an option to disable this one specific channel through a GUI or a button. If f/e someone is spamming sounds randomly but you NEED to hear people on the direct channel, there is no way to do anything about it.
  • You are on a mission, where specific VON functions need to be deactivated under certain circumstances, f/e you are in prison or you are held as a hostile, global chats can be used to "cheat" information that prevents roleplay. (Sure, you can make rules, but it's nearly impossible to enforce them 24/7, especially when you're not online as admin).

If they can't do it through hacks, they do it through everything else, like spamming the VON sound (which can be one of the most annoying things).

Just a simple code example:
_ID = 6; Choose which one of the default VON Channels to control
_onoff = 1;
SCALAR 0 to disable, 1 to enable or BOOL false to disable, true to enable
_ID VONChannel [_onoff];
The script would ONLY execute on yourself, not anyone else (to prevent misuse)

On the bottom line:
It would be an intense help against all kinds of annoyances - through spammers/trolls/annoying and destructive people on ARMA, that only join servers to take away fun from others - if it was possible to disable/enable the default VON channels through script commands and give them some more control about their client and what they hear at what case.


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Description.ext is indeed a bad place to have channel disabling. It should have been made available via scripting in the first place, so that it can be done based on stuff like mission parameters, mod availability checks, mission triggers, admin control panel, etc.

Being forced to choose it on a per-mission bases regardless of any of the above just doesn't provide nearly as much (direly needed) functionality.

"•Added: New script commands for manipulation with channels - enableChannel, channelEnabled, setCurrentChannel, currentChannel, getPlayerChannel" - From the development branch change log.( I don't know how they work or if they are even public.

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