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Game keeps crashing on startup
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i have had no issues with the latest version of 1.38RC branch. however arma 3 on 1.38 stable does not even start anymore. i dont have any custom malloc. the game doesnt even produce any dump files or rpts.

when checking game integrity on steam it downloads 1 file - i dont know which, steam hides this information - with the size of 0 bytes.


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Game Crash
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start game

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this happens without any startup parameters and mods

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game crash fixed by deleting registry entry
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software >> Microsoft >> Windows NT >> CurrentVersion >> Image File Execution Options >> arma3.exe >> UseLargePages

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Yep you need to delete it or change it 1->0

If you didn't get the trouble in the RC it's likely because you didn't have fresh restarted PC so your memory was too fragmented.

Same issue here (dev and stable), It starts, but then freezes up completely. Need to restart the pc after that cos the exe keeps running and I can't shut it down in taskmanager. Tried verify cache, but no luck.

I never mess around in the registry so I wasn't planning on doing that now either.

I never had crash issues before the last update.

please create a new ticket regarding your issue.
I am resolving the ticket as it was caused by unsupported tweak of the game registry

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