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UAV camera shake at specified altitude
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After update 1.38 the UAV (Greyhawk) suffers from severe camera shake when it has reached its specified altitude.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
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Set UAV Greyhawk to loiter at 500 or 2000m altitude, when it has reached its specified altitude zoom in on ground.

Example video here:

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Just played the campaing where UAV was needed. Pretty stressful to your eyes.


Disable camera shake from difficulty and it's gone.
It shouldn't be like this. Camera shouldn't shake no matter is it enabled or disanled.

Can confirm disabling camera shake in the difficulty menu solves the problem with the UAVs. There's of course no camera shake at all anywhere.

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Likely related to Bug #0022400: Camera shake after 1.38 update

That camera shaking is still happening when Camera Shake is enabled in difficulty options. Likely related to the aircraft G-force camera shake simulation.

I think it's most noticeable while flying, but it's also somewhat noticeable while running around and viewing in third person.

Adjusting the TrackIR software settings has no effect, to include the Precision setting.

I was encountering significant problems while flying the 3D aircraft last night, along with also noticing the selected aircraft ammunition type being reverted to guns after each time viewing through a UAV aircraft using the UAV terminal. All these small bugs are seemingly increasing over the past months, with no apparent substantial fixes except what looks like hacks. :-/ (Shrugs. Significantly detracts from the fun of playing games.)

Thanks St. Jimmy for further confirmation and further clarification of this continuing bug/issue!

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This still happens,turning camera shake off is a work around not a resolution.

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I think the UAV shake is now occurring because the AI system is fighting with the manual controls, etc.

For when this bug becomes irritating, I tend to then switch-off AI and lights within the UAV console. But note once you switch-off the AI, you can no longer click a path within the UAV console map, until you switch the AI system back on.

This issue is not fixed, and needs to be reopened.