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[Suggestion] Allow changing of ZOOM IN / OUT Speed
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Small thing very much depends on someones personal preference.

I find the zoom in / out speeds in Arma 3 (RMB - NUM+) to be a little to aggressive. It is difficult for me to explain why/how i think this but i feel it zooms in so quickly that all i am able to focus on is the very center of the screen. (loose focus of surroundings / 'stuns' view whilst zooming)

I very much preferred the zoom in / out speeds back in Arma 2, where it was a little slower and did not 'stun' your view as much as in Arma 3 while it zoomed in.

Thus i would like to suggest an option gets added somewhere that would allow players to customize their 'Zoom Speed'. So that people who prefer it to be a little slower can set it that way, people that like it can keep it how it is and people that want it faster can also set it that way.

Here are short vids comparing A2 - A3 zooming.

Hope this gets considered :)


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Love the idea. There is more people that would like to see this as well, according to this thread:

So please BI, give us the option to speed it up/slow it down.

My screen gets blurry when zooming in (naked eye zoom in Arma), and ever since I played Raven Shield again few months ago, I wished I could make the zoom speed fast like in Raven Shield, it just feels so snappy and responsive. Also, since the zoom is almost instant, I don't get any blur.

Here's the example of the zoom speed in Raven Shield: