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scopeArsenal config param does not work for attachments
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Using the 'scopeArsenal' command for attachments has no affect and does not hide the attachments in the Arsenal. This is rather annoying if you create several of the same attachment and intend to use an attachment switch function (such as MRT or ASDG) and switch between the laser/flash-light and flash-light/laser, as both are always visible in the Arsenal.
Would it be possible for BI to allow it so the scopeArsenal command actually works like it should for attachments, and can hide them from view in the Arsenal?
Also the following has no effect either:

		class Armory
			disabled = 1;


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Code a weapon attachment and include the code:

scope=1; // scope=0 causes an error message
class Armory
disabled = 1;

The attachment(s) will be visible in the Arsenal.

The above code does work, BUT only when used in conjunction with ASDG Joint Rails, due to Robalo's changes that he made to how the Arsenal works (hiding scope=1/scope=0 items). Maybe BI should incorporate his changes to allow this same behaviour by default?

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Should be fixed in the next dev build update, Arsenal will now recognize 'scopeArsenal' correctly even for weapon attachments.

BTW: I noticed a link to this issue after being attracted by images in your forum signature. Well played ;)