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AI Door Closing when out of combat.
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Something that has bothered me since the days of ARMA 2 is that the AI would never close doors behind them once they went through, primarily when out of combat. It tells players whether or not an enemy is inside a building or not and really and I mean REALLY detracts away from gameplay. The group I play with still exercises the clearance of rooms for good practice but its saddening when you look at a building and go "Oh all of the doors are closed it will be empty"

What my request was, when the AI are out of combat for example the start of a mission, and have a move waypoint into a building once they enter, the door should close behind (the same way how it just opens when they walk up to it). Before anyone suggests scripting triggers, not only is it something which is greatly frustrating, it is also something I forget as I already have large amounts of scripts, etc I have to put into a mission already. Obviously if the AI are under fire they shouldn't close the door (or if morale is gutted they should).

I truly believe it will add greater immersion and difficulty to cooperative gameplay and improve the overall fun of CQB combat. Something like this is such a small thing to do (considering it can be done with in-game triggers!) that there shouldn't really be a reason not for it?


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I do hope that others feel the same way and we can once again be unsure whether or not buildings are safe and see teamwork improved by properly clearing them.

I do realize that this is classed under feature request, whereas I should have really put error.

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+1. Neccesary point!

Indeed, it really sucks when I can just look at a building and instantly knowing it will be a waste of time searching it.