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Key press problem
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I am using the keypad 5 key for "optics". After today's dev update ver.1.37.128772 I have the following problem:

Usually a quick tap KP 5 brings the optics UP and another tap brings them down.
After today's update the KP 5 needs to be held down for almost a second before the action becomes permanent. A quick tap does a quick switch and back.

There is not conflict with any other action nor any malfunction of the KP 5 anywhere else, e.g in the controls section or outside the Sim.
If the "optics" is mapped to another Keypad key, it works properly.
There might be other keyboard keys with this problem. So far I found the Right CTRL to behave the same way.


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Happens with 'F' too.

Happens with change weapon and firemode and god knows what else.

Indeed, there seem to be a lot of cases whey keystokes are registering as though the user is double-tapping them. I wrote on the forums about the effect I noticed with optics zoom/fov keys:

Since the 07-01-2015 dev branch patch included the change:

*Fixed: Key blocked by script is blocked even if held for a while

The games standard keyboard controls have sometimes been quite erratic

thank you for the report, the issue has been confirmed and I have assigned it internally.

Fixed in tomorrow's dev branch.

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Thank you :)

Can confirm that it seems to be fixed in today's dev Branch patch.


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Confirmed :)