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mortar optics displays .2f instead of elevation when using French localization
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The 2 screenshots I attached show you the problem. When switching to French localization the mortar doesn't display the elevation (eg: 75 in english_OK.jpg screenshot, ".2f" in french_KO.jpg screenshot).

It is the same with artillery tank. I don't know if problem exists for other localizations. {F25309}


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I can confirm this issue, it makes mortars unusuable without the artillery computer. (At least in the French version of the game)

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Same problem with Strider and the laser designator in commander seat.

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Is the original issue (mortar optics) still present?

I just checked and the issue is still there (b_mortar_f and o_mbt_02_arty_f).

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Same trouble for me. I switched from FR to ENG and no more trouble...

Will be fixed in the next version.

Fixed for me in 1.48. Thank you