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A3 LMGs 3D model improvement
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Both A3 LMGs Zafir and MG200 have a small size of ammo box when comparing them with how many bullets they hold.

By A3 default, LMG Zafir holds 150 rounds of 7,62mm and Mk200 200 rounds of 6,5mm. But if you see the 3D model of the ammo box for both of them, you'll see that it can't hold 150 or 200 rounds. Caseless or not, beltfeed system can't put 150 or 200 rounds in those small ammo box models. Those ammo boxes have size to hold up to 100 rounds.

Possible solutions:

  • Increase visual size, 3D model, of ammo box. (Slow fix)


  • Lower the number of bullets in those ammo boxes and of course reduce the weight. (Quick fix via config)


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Come on BIS, it's a simple remodeling or just lower the number of bullets to 100.

BIS already got the bigger magazine box , just for some reason they didn't use it at all

That's odd, they made it but decided not to use it. Still it's a visual issue and they must fix it, either with 3D model or with stats.

Still waiting for a simple tweak, either lower number of bullets per ammo box and weight or increasing the visual size of ammo box.

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This one is still open :O

Still open, still unresolved...

PR9INICHEK added a subscriber: Wulf.May 1 2019, 4:45 PM

@Wulf hi!

Please check this ticket

Still opened.

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