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Jumping tanks
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Hi, i noticed by many times this damm bug and i must report it to you beacuse this make game unplayable if this happen in mission progress, in main action.
When your tank is standing on corner on crossroads next to the houses and you crash your barrel of main gun on the house your tank is sometimes jumping off and in resoult your tank is inverted the top tracks, you are dead, or some serious tank damage. I dont remember this in prewious armas - i know tank was sometimes jumping but it wasnt injured tank parts or killing crewmwmbers.


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Stand near houses and rotate turret to your main gun barrel crash the house, move it up and down untill your tank jump off.

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I'm uploading movie, will be available for 20 minuts

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That's likely the reason why vanilla tank's main gun barrel doesn't collide with anything.


I just Yesterday noticed something weird with tank physics that the tank can suddenly launch like a rocket just like in your video when just driving on and going left, right, back and forward on an even ground without any collision.

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Yes, i have noticed this too, but i cant reproduce this

Please Fix this Bohemia

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I guess its because the turret's motor got unlimited power and the building is either undestructible or just needs more damage than a tank turret can do to collapse. If iam right than the mod creator should set a torque for that turret rather than a fix speed.

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Also noticed jumping tank even in VR World with no objects to hit, seems to be a certain combination of commands but extremely hard to reproduce on demand.