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Addon Builder Packing time
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Addon Builder is Synching Source folder contents and taking extortionate amount of time to synch unecessary files
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Pack pbo with folder using s Source folder for dev materials not to be packed
Excluce Source as per default in filebank exclude list
Sycnh files Source\.. blah blah will take place for a long time before binarising begins

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Tried renaming by copy paste from exclude list so there is no character anomolies in folder naming

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thx for reporting. Could you please upload your Logs dir in Arma 3 Tools? typicaly c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3 Tools\Logs\.



Im sure you know Addon builder makes 2 logs now , one in the tool folder as a User.rot and a Log in the Generic tool folder , i uploaded both .
of course still exists this problem of Addon builder looking through non consequential files for whatever reason it was decided to do it , however it doesnt error on these any more thankfully ( well as far as i am aware but i dont have config errors there so cant say too accurately ).

these are the required addons in the config that is Binarised from a fresh start and New logs from scatch

requiredAddons[] = {"dbo_weapons"};
Dbo_weapons has a required addons of
requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Data_f","A3_Characters_F"};
i dont know whay it even look dbo_trex base but thats another problem for you :)

i also attach my exclude.lst (N>B I renamed to .log to breach void filetype as .lst not allowed here)
I notice also the list is mentioned in two locations (I have tired also put list in BOth addon folder and filebank) but same results LONG SYCH

  • [Arguments]=-targetBonesInterval=56 -addon="P:" -exclude="P:\dbo\dbo_prehistoric\exclude.lst"

[Arguments]=-texheaders -silent -exclude="G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Tools\FileBank\exclude.lst"

Cheers for Input

thx for the logs and your describtion. I see the issue. Will ping you when it's fixed (in a new year unfortunately).

Thx and Merry Christmas,


Happy new year
Any update please this is causing big holdup now

Hi, will resolve this week. You can expect the fix in release next weeek. Thx for your patience.

Thanks for the update
Muc appreciated

Hi, I had a time to take a look at the issue finally.

Unfortunately from the logs everything seems fine. The "Syncing file ..." message is a result from "Whitelist" setting in Option window. This is set there: *.pac,*.paa,*.rtm,*.sqf,*.sqs,*.bikb,*.fsm,*.wss,*.ogg,*.wav,*.fxy,*.csv,*.html,*.lip,*.txt,*.bisurf,*.shp,*.dbf,*.shx,*.prj,*.cfg,*.rvmat
So those files needs to be copied to temporary folder before binarizing, packaging. With whitelist you are saying: please include those files in resulting pbo. It does not have anything to do with binarization exclude list. binarization exlude list is list of files/folder that should not be binarized. Still all files (binarized or not) will be "packed" into pbo file. If you empty your whitelist setting no sync will occur but the pbo will not work since no texture headers will be present for example.

Hi all those files are in the white list i can in the UI and in regedit adress

second i am aware what exclude list does (it was me who point out to copy p3d to get image on terrain of house and trees ) thats my problem Source folder is in exclude yet it still tries to sync that folder , so i have to leave these in the options or then it means take out source folder and put elsewhere and its not good for me or it break the terrain build process.


BTW here is my exact files to copy from UI and Regedit

*.paa;*.rtm;*.sqf;*.wss;* .ogg;*.wav;*.fxy;*.csv;*.html;*.txt;*.wrp;*. bisurf;*.rvmat;*.cfg;*.hpp;*.shp,*.shx,*.prj,*.dbf ; if i leave these out from options then there will be no roads or rvmat or anything in the pbo ;)even if i do copy to the temp\ARMAAddons\nameof pbo folder.

Now i narrow it dow to make it work , Start from Steam > addon builder work first time , try to repack second time no work > open Steam > arma 3 tools addonbuilder > works first time will not repack > vicious circle open with different shortcut for 1 time only work .

Thanks for efforts much apreciated however now its finally time i give up on official tools and succomb to 3rd party package .
Apreciated but im afraid no good for me such problems.