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HC Causes Server Process Death & Doesn't Handle Disconnection Events
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When you start a server and headless client and then end the headless client process by either closing it or killing it in task manager. The server will output a message 'HeadlessClient is loosing connection' however the HC will never actually loose connection and no disconnect event will get called. The HC will still show in the player list when logged in as admin as still present on the server. Over the next 15 minutes or so, the server process will start to loose frames until it gets to 1 frame and then the process will die.


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Game Freezes
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Client, HC, Server.
  2. Wait a few minutes
  3. Close Headless Client Exe
  4. Use #monitor 1 and watch the server FPS drop to 1 over the next 15 minutes.
Additional Information

Graph of ASM of the server process loosing frames and dying

Screenshot showing #monitor and the server FPS of 0

Screenshot showing HC still in the playerlist even tho it has been closed.

Note: This issue will not happen after the next 15 minutes if NO HC ever connects to the server process. Also if HC never gets closed or looses connection then server frames are completely fine and this doesn't happen.

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is this still happening? Our HC masters could not reproduce the problem. Would it be possible to verify the repro steps and in case these are no accurate, update them? Thank you very much.

This issue is still happening on the latest development build. All the repro steps are the same.

  1. Start Client, Server, HC
  2. Make sure you are using localClient and headlessClients in the server.cfg to your IP ( etc
  3. #login as admin, note that headless client is in the server list
  4. Close Headless Client / Kill Process
  5. See a message 'hc' is loosing connection.
  6. Note that HC remains in the players list and won't disconnect.

Latest DEV (Fri) after 90 seconds of inactivity due to HC crash HC triggers both onPlayerDisconnected and HandleDisconnect events and HC object becomes NULL

Is it possible to check it once 1.38 Stable is out (or even better, on Release Candidate once it gets public?). It would help us a lot, thank you.

Tested on RC Build. Issue is no longer present.