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developers have not implemented the Arma 2 modules "Simple First Aid","battlefield clearance" into Arma 3
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There are still no updates on a revive/carry/drag modules in the game. I know that many of us are still waiting for the old modules from Arma 2 to be implemented into Arma3 (well at least the popular ones). The health system now is not quite up to par with what a simulator should be. The FAKs are great but once you are shot 6 times you should be put into a agony state like in Arma 2 and wait to be revived by a comrade. Also there is yet to be a drag/carry feature in the game. The Arma 2 one was a little buggy but it still was amazing to use and very helpful. One last thing, there should be another module that allow you to put injured players into vehicles for transport. Having these modules will not hurt anyone's gameplay and will only improve the realism of the game.


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If it's not going to be implemented in the game, may we at least have a reason why?

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Iceman added a comment.Dec 9 2014, 9:27 AM

thank you for the report. There are multiple problems with Arma 2 solution which would make it not satisfactory for Arma 3 (dragging by attachTo, etc.). It is not likely that these features will be introduced in Arma 3, at least not in a state which you can see in Arma 2.

"There are multiple problems with Arma 2 solution which would make it not satisfactory for Arma 3". How will adding these modules not be satisfactory to Arma 3? It's not something that anyone would not like to have. As a player, I'm letting you know that everyone who plays this game would want the revive module back. No one would object to it.

Please at least get the first aid module back! Removing it caused the emergence of multiple buggy revive scripts that are all much more buggy than the Arma 2 first aid module ever was. As a result you actually made players experience more bugs by removing this very useful module, that encourage team play.